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Umbrella Coverage

Do you have enough coverage?  Umbrella policies are designed to give you more liability protection than home, boat, RV or automobile policies alone can offer. They are available for farm and business as well.  If you are sued for more than your underlying policy covers, an umbrella policy may make up the difference. And they may be more affordable than you think!


What should be considered with an Umbrella


  • Cars/Trucks excess coverage

  • Home or Business excess coverage

  • Commercial or Personal Property

  • Watercraft, Motorcycles, Mopeds etc.

  • RV’s/Campers

  • Protection of claims by a third party for injury or damage to property that was caused by you, your family, or hazards on your property

  • Legal defense costs. Lawyer expenses and court fees

  • Additional Auto liabilities coverage

  • Worldwide coverage.

  • Coverage for incidents on or off your property.

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